Vegan Cashew Flour Crepe

Vegan Cashew Flour Crepe made with our Cashew flour Pancake and Waffle mix! Imagine a thin, golden light brown crepe with a subtle crunch along the edges and a soft, slightly textured center. This Vegan Cashew Flour Crepe is a delectable and innovative dish that can be filled with your favorite ingredients: Cheese (regular or vegan), tomato and pesto, or blueberries and cottage cheese with a hint of lemon zest, or Chocolate spread and strawberries and bananas, etc....You can make it sweet or savory.


We use fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato and pesto in this recipe below 

1 cup Cashew flour Pancake and Waffle mix

10 Tbsp water (be precise on this)

1 Tbsp oil 

1/4 tsp salt


Fresh mozzarella cheese cut in round thin pieces (3 or 4) 

1 Roma tomato cut in round pieces (3 or 4) 

Pesto of your choice ( we use basil pesto)


1) Combine all crepe ingredients (4) mixture should be liquid

2) Preheat a non stick pan (8 -10 inch round) to med-low heat

3) Pour 1/3 cup batter into the preheated pan, move the pan in a circular motion, so the mixture will form an 8 inch round crepe ( you can use a silicone spatula to help gently spread the batter all around the pan and get rid of the bubbles if any)

4) Cook for 2 minutes

5) add the tomato, cheese and dabs of pesto on one side of the crepe, fold the other half on top of the filling forming a calzone shape crepe. Cook for 2 more minutes turning the crepe until a light brown color is achieved. Seve and eat warm.

Yields 3-4  1/3 cup crepes 







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