Meet the Founder

My father's gift for cooking and passion for sharing made a huge impact in my life. I remember that on weekends, he would cook for us with such love and devotion. I would never forget it, Every time I enter the kitchen it felt and still feels like my happy place.


When my kids were older, I decided to make cooking my life long career, so I went to Le Cordon Bleu. After graduating, I became a private chef and worked with families and kids, some of which were gluten intolerant, others with nut or dairy allergies, or some didn’t have any restrictions at all.


I wanted to create something that my clients could enjoy together. After a lot of trial and error in my own kitchen table, and endless focus groups with overwhelming positives results, Cooggies was born.

This gave me the confidence of growing my business and sharing my love with the rest of the world!! Today Cooggies is a family run and woman owned business!

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