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Cooggies was founded by Tammy Cohen, a mother, chef and culinary school graduate from Le Cordon Bleu.

"My father's gift for cooking and passion for sharing made a huge impact on my life. I remember on weekends he would cook for us with such love and devotion. I would never forget it. Every time I enter the kitchen it felt and still feels like my happy place."

After deciding to make cooking her life long career and graduating culinary school she became a private chef in which she worked with families and kids, some of which were gluten intolerant, others with nut or dairy allergies, and some in need of incorporating more wholesome ingredients into their diet.

"I wanted to create something that my clients could enjoy together. After a lot of trial and error in my own kitchen table, and endless focus groups with overwhelming positives results, Cooggies was born.

This gave me the confidence of growing my business and sharing my love with the rest of the world!!"

Today Cooggies is a family run and woman owned business!


  • I love your bare muffin mix. We add two ripe bananas, cinammon and pecans for delicious banana bread. Even my husband, who doesn’t normally eat gluten-free loves this bread and asks me to make it often.

  • Hello Tammy,

    My husband was just diagnosed with a number of food sensitivities which manifest as skin problems. Long before that, I’d purchased a bag of chocolate chip Coogies and they were a huge hit with my daughter and her teenage friends.

    A bit after that, I tried to make homemade chocolate chip cookies and they were so disappointing compared to your Coogies: grainy, and nowhere near as palatable.

    My husband is allergic to a number of ingredients, including wheat, soy, egg, and potato. My question for you is: Have you ever considered making a bread dough mix? None of the other ones I’ve tried are free of all those ingredients, which means I had to try it on my own, and again, I got really grainy/gritty-textured bread.

    I would love to be able to offer him something as delightful as your Coogies, in bread form.

    Thanks – I’m a huge fan of your culinary skills!

  • This is hands down one of the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies i have ever baked and eaten!! Looking forward to trying the other mixes!

    Ginalee Hansen
  • Just discovered your products. Will check stores in my area for more. LJ Steele

    Lillian Steele
  • I’m a nursing student and mom in need of comfort food that is delicious and somewhat nutritious! The Cooggies chocolate chip bake mix hit the spot. I cannot wait to make another batch or two! Thank you!

    Lei C.

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