Cashew Flour Pancake & Waffle Tips & Tricks

We are so excited to share our newest item the Pancake & Waffle Mix!
Free of all allergens as well as any added sugars
We have received some feedback/questions on the batter being a little thick for some people and appearing to not cook through. Because the options to replace different wet ingredients are broad, this may affect the consistency. We suggest adding 1 tablespoon of water or milk at a time until you reach a more liquid consistency. Also, the pan or griddle should be on high heat.

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  • I love all your recipes, but I can’t have potato starch or sugar. Is there a way I can make muffins with your pancake mix? I could add some honey or maple syrup as sweetener if needed, but I don’t know what else I should add to change it from a pancake to muffins. Thank you!


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